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Calling a pager from any touch-tone telephone

Access to the paging system is by calling extension 33172 (01223 333172). Wait for ring tone to be answered, and the prompt to enter the pager number.

  • Key pager number ppp (3 digits followed by #), wait, and you will then be prompted to enter your message. (Note: if you hang up at this point the message sent will be the number you are calling from.)
  • Key your message using the number keys 0 to 9, and * when necessary.
  • Key # to finish your message, wait, and listen for confirmation that the message was sent successfully.
  • If you stay on the line at this point you will be given the opportunity to send another message to a different pager.

The paging request will be broadcast within a few seconds.



  • The maximum length of a message to a numeric pager is 16 digits.
  • The maximum length of a message to an alphanumeric pager is 120 characters.


My.Phone has a page for sending pager messages. You can send a message to multiple pagers by separating the pager numbers with a comma. You must enter any leading zeros in the pager number. (Different pagers accept different length messages.)