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Mailbox Types

The University of Cambridge voicemail service offers several types of voice mailbox.

Here is a summary of the available options:

Simple Mailbox

A basic voicemail box with one greeting, offers callers to ability to leave a message.

Multiple Greetings

Similar to the Simple Mailbox except you are able to set multiple greetings and change the active greeting as and when necessary.

For instance, you may have a greeting recorded and saved that you only set as active when you are on annual leave, rather than having to re-record an annual leave voicemail greeting each time you are off work.

Announce Only

Plays an announcement but does not allow callers to leave a message.


This is to be used for receiving faxes if you either don't have a fax machine, or need to access the documents in electronic format.

Users can send a fax to the extension and when the call is diverted to voicemail the system will send the faxed documents to a set email address as an attachment.