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Telecoms Office

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Ordering BT Exchange Lines

BT lines can be ordered by colleges, institutions, and departments by emailing your requirements to, or alternatively calling BT on 0808 100 7499.  BT will then complete the work (sometimes a site survey is required beforehand), and charge the installation costs direct to the organisation ordering the lines.

Once the lines are installed and working, departments and institutions can, if required, add the new lines to our OneBill account (see below) which will help avoid any late payment charges which might arise on the monthly bill.

If the BT line is to be used for a Redcare service, these are usually ordered through Estate Management.

BT OneBill

BT OneBill is a service BT provide to consolidate the billing of multiple exchange lines onto a single bill. UIS offer a service whereby we have a OneBill account and pass on the charges to departments via a CUFS journal. This saves departments having to process the BT bill themselves every month/quarter, and reduces the chances of incurring BT's £5 late payment charge.

This service is only available to institutions who use the University Finance System (CUFS), which is basically just departments. We do not offer this service to Colleges or other bodies as there would be no savings or added value by UIS being involved in the billing process.

To get a line added to the UIS OneBill service, email the  with the following information for each line you wish to add:

  • BT Phone Number
  • BT Account Number
  • CUFS code to bill the charges against

If the line is already in the name of the University, the transfer should be fairly painless. The best time to move a BT line to the UIS OneBill is shortly after paying the latest invoice. That way, we can be sure there will be no missed or double payments. If the line is in the name of a third party, it will take longer. It is preferable that the line is transfered to the University before adding to the University OneBill service.

Each BT line/service should appear as a separate CUFS journal entry. This should make it easier for departments for see what they have been charged for. At the moment, it is not possible to see all the charges online via Admin.Phone. This is planned for sometime in the future. For the moment, if you need a break down of a particular charge, email the Telecoms Helpdesk.

Services charged via the UIS OneBill service are still the responsibility of the institution. In case of faults, disputes, the department should contact BT direct.

New lines/services should be in place and working before adding to the UIS OneBill service. This is to ensure the institution has a working service and are being charged the correct amount before being charged via UIS.

RedCare lines for things like lifts are often handled by Building Services.