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Telecoms Office

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Select from the table below for information on setting up your phone for email and eduroam access or voicemail information.

For other queries, see the help options below the table or take a look at the FAQ.

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Setting up E-Mail

Voicemail & Diverts

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Manufacturer Support

If you're having trouble with your mobile, see this page for links to the various manufacturer's support pages.

More Help

Lost or Stolen Mobiles

If you lose you mobile, you should immediately call O2 on 0844 826 0288 to get the phone blocked. Once you have done that, you should contact their Telephone Liaison Officer  about the loss. Until O2 are notified about the loss of the device, the your institution is responsible for all charges incurred by the device.

International Helpline

If you are having problems using your mobile abroad, you can contact O2 on +44 7860 980 202. Note that if your mobile has not been authorised for international use, the team on this number will not be able to enable international service. Instead, you must contact your TLO.

Dialling 1xx Numbers

To dial numbers beginning with a "1" (e.g. 101 for non-emergency police, 1188448 for Directory Enquiries) you have to prefix the number with "9", e.g. 9101, 9118848.

The exceptions to this, which can be dialed without a leading 9, are:

  • 112 - Emergency Services
  • 141 - Withhold CLI
  • 1470 - Reveal CLI

SMS Delivery Notifications

O2 does not support the standard, in built, SMS Delivery Notification. To get notification of SMS delivery, you have to prefix the message (not the number) with "*0#"


MMS is disabled by default on all mobiles. This can be enabled by contacting the .