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Telecoms Office

University Information Services

Porting In Numbers To The University

We can accept port requests to port numbers across to the University phone system. If you wish to do this, please email the Telecoms Helpdesk. We will need:

  • The number to be ported in
  • The name of the current supplier
  • The extension number you wish the number presented to.

Do NOT cancel the number with your current provider. It is only possible to port a live number.

Before you port, check with your current provider as to any termination charges/early termination fees you may incur. These will be your responsibility to pay.

Porting Out Numbers From The University

If you have previously ported in a number to the University, then you can port it back out again to another provider. You have to ask your new provider to initiate the port request. When you do this, please let the Telecoms Helpdesk know so we can approve the port request when it comes to us from our carrier.

It is NOT possible to port out an individual University extension number. These belong to the University and cannot be transferred out.