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Whenever you are ordering a new extension/handset from the Telecoms Office, please ensure you are using the latest version of the order form which will always be available from this page.

We have just launched a new Handset Comparison system allowing you to compare the features of all the available handsets to help you choose the right one for you!

We supply and support a range of handsets for the system (both VoIP and analogue adapters). On request, we can also supply higher-end devices (e.g. colour screens or video capable). We only support Cisco handsets purchased through the Telecoms Helpdesk and not devices purchased through other means (e.g. EBay)

Cisco handsets and conference stations can be ordered from the by your Telephone Liaison Officer.

To order new handsets and extension numbers, down load the relevant request sheet below and complete both part 1 and part 2 and return to the Telecoms Office with a purchase order made out to 'Information Services':


  University Departments  

Ext. Institutions & Colleges

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Updated 24/05/2023 Updated 24/05/2023


Part 1 Request Sheet - Please enter the number and type of devices and/or consumables that you wish to purchase, please remember to add any power bricks and mains cable that you require (your local IT support will be able to advise you on this). Each handset or device that is purchased will be subject to a £25.00 BAU configuration fee.

Part 2 Configuration Sheet - Please complete a line for each device that you are purchasing, this will enable the Telecomms Office to configure the device correctly prior to being shipped out to you. Please use the 'Further information' field for adding any special requirements e.g. adding to hunt groups, pick-up groups etc.

Once you have completed Parts 1 and 2 please return to the Telecoms Office with a purchase order made out to 'Information Services'.

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Please note: Devices will not be configured and shipped until we have received the correct charging information and purchase order.