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Getting Started

Voicemail 901 is set up and ready to go on all new O2 phones. If it is has been switched off on your phone for some reason, just dial 1750 free from your mobile to activate it. On activation follow the prompts to personalise your PIN. If you miss any of the prompts the process is to simply dial 901, key * and then 4.

How do I set up a Voicemail PIN

You will automatically be prompted to set your own PIN when dialing 901 for the first time or if your PIN is still set to the default (8705). To change your PIN:

  • At any time dial 901, key * and then 4.

Switch Voicemail Off

To turn your Voicemail off, from your mobile:

  • Dial 1760

Record your greeting

Let people know they have reached you with your own personal greeting. To record your greeting:

  • Dial 901 to access your Voicemail
  • Key * and then 3

Follow the prompts and record your message.

Check your messages

  • To retrieve your messages at any time, dial 901.

To Listen to you messages from a landline

  • Dial your mobile number
  • Press * to interrupt the greeting
  • When prompted enter your mailbox pin number
  • Key 2 to listen to your messages
  • This is charged at your standard landline costs (dependant on Service Provider).

If you have not changed your PIN via your O2 mobile phone you will not be able to access your messages from a landline or your mobile.

Find out when your messages were received

You can set Voicemail up to tell you the time and date your messages were received by:

  • Dialling 901
  • Keying * for greetings and mailbox settings, then 4 and then 2
  • Following the prompts

If you don't want to set this up for every message, you can still find out the time, date and caller number of specific messages by keying 8 during or after the message.

Get notified by either text or ring back

Choose how you're told about new messages

There are three ways we can let you know when you have a new message:

  • Text message
  • Phone call - you will receive a call straight after the message has been left, then a further two calls at 5 minute intervals followed by a text, if the message has not been listened to.
  • The on-screen Voicemail symbol (this depends on handset type see Related Links)

You can choose the method that suits you best and change it at any time by:

  • Dialling 901
  • Keying * for greetings and mailbox settings and then 4
  • Following the prompts

How do I extend/ reduce divert to voicemail?

To change the ringing time on a "voicemail" divert

  • Key **61*901*11*NO.SEC# SEND (ADD SEC IN INCREMENTS OF 5)

The maximum time delay that can be set is 30 seconds.

How do I set up my Voicemail for overseas travel

Before leaving the UK dial 91780 from your handset, you will receive a text message with your personal Voicemail Retrieval Number. Save it to your address book so you have it to hand for all your trips abroad.

To do this whilst roaming dial +447802 090 100 and you will hear your number Voicemail Retrieval Number.

Apple Visual Voicemail Reset

Sometimes, the visual voicemail feature on Apple iPhones can stop working. O2 suggest the following steps to reset voicemail on an iPhone.

NOTE: Following these steps will destroy all voicemail messages on the phone, plus lose any saved WiFi settings (e.g. Eduroam)

  1. Turn off voicemail by dialling 1760 from the phone. You should heard a message confirming voicemail has been deactivated.
  2. Perform a reset of network settings on the iPhone. (Home -> Settings -> General -> Reset -> Network Settings) The exact steps may vary based on the iOS version.
  3. Send an SMS message to 9011, with the word "STATE" (Note the capitalisation).
  4. After a few minutes, power off, and power back on again the iPhone.
  5. Re-enable voicemail by dialling 1750.
  6. Re-test to see if Visual Voicemail is working.


Divert Set Check Cancel
All **21*NUMBER# *#21# ##21#
No Answer **61*NUMBER# *#61# ##61#
Phone Off/Unreachable **62*NUMBER# *#62# ##62#
On Busy **67*NUMBER# *#67# ##67#

Replace NUMBER with the number you wish to divert to. Use 901 to divert to O2 voicemail. If you divert to a number other than O2 Voicemail, you will be charged for the diverted call.