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Telecoms Office

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The fax to e-mail service allows you to receive fax messages as e-mail messages. You can also manage the messages via the website. From the webpage, you can either download individual pages, or download them all as a single PDF.

The system works by having a special voicemail box, configured for receiving faxes. You then call forward a phone number to voicemail. You can have the service enabled on either an existing ATA line or VG224 port, or you can request a new phone number just for the service. You cannot have the fax to e-mail service on a line assigned to a VoIP handset. (e.g. a 79xx phone)

If you have the service activated on an existing ATA or VG224 port, you can control via the My.Phone web page whether the faxes go to the fax to e-mail system, or to a normal fax machine attached to the ATA or VG224, just by enabling or disabling the Call Forward All to Voicemail.

The fax mailbox can be shared with other people via - just like any normal voicemail box.

By having the fax to e-mail service active on an existing ATA or VG224 port, you can retain a fax machine for sending faxes, but not have to worry about leaving it switched on 24 hours a day, paper jamming, running out of paper, or just wasting paper with unwanted marketing faxes.

Currently, we do not offer a service for sending Word/Excel/PDF documents as faxes.


For phone numbers assigned to an ATA or VG224 ports, there is no extra charge.

For a stand alone fax to e-mail phone number (i.e. not associated with any other device) the charge is £2 per month (excluding VAT)


To request a fax to e-mail service, contact the . We will need to know if you want the service adding to an existing phone number, or if you want a new phone number. We will also require the e-mail address(es) to send the faxes to. For internal departments, we will also need a CUFS code or Grants code.


People often call a fax number to ensure they are actually getting a fax machine rather than a person. When you do this with the fax to email service, you get a normal voicemail recorded message telling you to press a button on your fax machine to start the transmission. People worry that this means the service can't automatically accept faxes.

There is no need to worry. As soon as the voicemail system hears a fax tone, it immediately switches into fax mode.

The voice prompt is there as the system is capable of accepting voicemails and fax messages in the same mailbox.


Some people have a need to use fax machines due to security, confidentiality or assured transmission requirements. (e.g. Credit card details, Patient information, financial/legal documents, etc.)

The fax messages are stored unencrypted on the voicemail system and are sent via email (which is a best-effort, unsecured message delivery system)

If encryption or assured message delivery are requirements in your data handling policy, then you should not use the fax to email service.