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Telecoms Office

University Information Services

The University Telephone System (UTS) is the University wide phone system managed by the Telecoms Office. The UTS is based around the Cisco CallManager VoIP phone system, with third party voicemail, audio conference and call logger systems. We also provide easy to use web systems for both end users and administrators for the management and configuration of phones.

We supply and support a range of Cisco handsets for the system (both VoIP and analogue adapters). We do not support third party SIP devices.

UTS extensions can be identified as falling in the numbering ranges (3)3xxxx, (7)6xxxx and most of (7)4xxxx.

The web based management system ( allows administrators to manage names and access levels on phones. This allows administrators or Telephone Liaison Officers (TLOs) to get new people up and running quickly and easily, without needing to contact the Telecoms Helpdesk.

Call charges from the UTS are very competitive, with peak-rate national calls only being 0.55p per minute, and calls to UK mobile phones from 1.5ppm.

Changes to the display and access level of an extension can be arranged through your Institution's Telephone Liaison Officer (TLO).


As the UTS is a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system, institutions wishing to use the UTS require a CUDN connection. The institutions's internal data network must be able to support VLANs, and ideally QoS (Quality of Service). For support purposes, the CUDN PoP is the demarkation point. i.e. If a problem cannot be reproduced by connecting phones directly to the PoP, we will suggest you look at your internal network.

The UTS core is split over several locations in Cambridge, so an outage at one location will not result in loss of service.


Support for UTS services is via the Telecoms Helpdesk on (01223 3)37070 or via . We only provide support during normal University business hours (i.e. We do not provide 24x7 support)


We only support Cisco handsets purchased through the Telecoms Helpdesk. This is because we've had problems in the past with people buying handsets off eBay (Faulty or in such a bad state that we couldn't get them to work), or purchased through unofficial channels where the proence of the device is uncertain.

We have a Handset Comparison system allowing you to compare the features of all the available handsets to help you choose the right one for you.