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Telecoms Office

University Information Services

The access levels listed in the table below are cumulative. i.e. National level access can call National, Local and Restricted numbers

If you wish the display or access level on your phone to be changed, please contact your Telephone Liaison Officer.

Name Description
Restricted "On net" numbers (all UTS numbers and other connected systems), Emergency Services, Free calls (0800, 0808, 0500 & 00800)
i.e. Zero cost calls
Local Local Cambridge numbers (01223 XXXXXX), 084xx
Landlines UK Landline numbers. 01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx
National UK National numbers. 01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx, 07xxx, 087xx
International International numbers (00xxx)
Premium Rate Non Adult Premium Rate (090xx)

If you receive a report from the Telecomms Office which has other access levels listed, then this could be an error. Please to correct these.