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Telecoms Office

University Information Services

My Phone enables access to your voicemail and phone settings, whether you are at your desk or away from Cambridge. You will be asked for your Raven password (unless you have already supplied it in the current session) before you can view your phone or voicemail settings.

What services are available?

Your voicemails

Via My Phone access at, you can:

  • View, listen to, forward, delete your voicemail messages
  • View mail boxes that other have share with you
  • Change your voicemail settings, including PIN, email alert, share your mail box

Further information on using your voicemail can be found online at

Your personal speed dials

Via WebPhone access at, you can:

  • Add, edit and delete your personal speed dials
  • Use the Webdialler to call your personal speed dials from a browser

To access your speeddials from your handset, see Making and receiving calls for your:

Your call forwarding options

Via WebPhone access at, you can:

  • Change the delay before your phone forwards
  • Change the forwarding destination, for all calls, when the line is busy or on no answer