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Telecoms Office

University Information Services

There are currently two available methods for using a VoIP phone outside of the University Data Network (CUDN).

Remote Access Point (RAP)

The first method, which works with all UIS-supplied VoIP phone models, is by connecting to a University-configured Remote Access Point (RAP).

In order for this to work, you will require a Cisco VoIP handset configured by the Telecoms Helpdesk along with a power brick and a RAP supplied by the University Wireless Service.

The RAP must be connected directly to your home broadband router via an Ethernet cable and the VoIP handset then plugs into a port on the back of the RAP to provide access to the University phone system.

This will allow your VoIP handset to connect to the University network and, in turn, the University Telephone System; allowing you to make and receive calls as if you were sat at your desk within the University.

The RAP will then also give you access to the eduroam WiFi network whilst you are within range of the RAP.


Newer VoIP Phone Models

If you have one of the newer models of Cisco VoIP Phone (a 78-series or 88-series handset) then you can connect it directly to your home router via an Ethernet cable without the need for a Remote Access Point.

You will also require a Jabber profile in order to log in on the handset, as well as certain server information for the device to know where to connect to the University phone system.