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88xx Series Phone Firmware Upgrade

last modified Feb 06, 2017 08:42 AM

On Monday 13th February, we will be loading a new firmware onto the system for the 88xx series handsets. This new firmware is required to support the latest batch of handsets we’ve ordered from Cisco.

There are two additional changes in the new version of firmware.

Firstly, the default wallpaper has changed from a blue background to a picture of a generic building. If you wish you change the phone’s wallpaper, you can do this by pressing the “Applications” button (The one that looks like a cog-wheel) then Settings -> Wallpaper.

Secondly, it is now possible to view missed calls per line, rather than all missed calls for the handset.

Once the phone detects the new firmware version, you now get an option to delay the reboot into the new version by a few hours. A phone will not cut-off a call to perform its upgrade. Unlike the older 79xx series phones, the 88xx (& 78xx) series phones do more work in the background for firmware upgrades, so the time the phone is unavailable is shorter.