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WebEx Meeting Server

Request User Accounts

If you would like a user account for WebEx Meeting Server, first contact your institution's authorised Telecoms Liaison Officers (TLOs), who can request an account for you.

TLOs - to request a new account for a user, please complete this form.

NOTE: Requests submitted by anyone other than an authorised TLO will be rejected.

About WebEx Meeting Server

Webex Meeting Server is a system which allows meetings/collaboration via a PC/Mac/Smart device. You can collaborate by audio, video, by sharing applications or entire computer desktops. It also has chat functionality too. You can also call in via telephone to join as just an audio participant.

Our system supports a maximum of 50 concurrent meetings, with a total of 250 people on-line at once (across all meetings).

Our service is run in-house, so data does not leave the University.

This service is currently in early field trials. People who wish to trial it are welcome.

The charge for using the service will be £10 per month per host once launched. A host can have as many meetings as they want.

The service is redundant in that it is made up of a pair of servers. However, this redundancy is NOT be split between different locations. So if the RNB machine room goes off-line, the whole service goes offline. This is a limitation of the WebEx Meeting Server software. (The license cost for physical separation is obscene)

We do not have any free or international dial-in numbers for this service. All phone dial-in access is via a standard University phone number.

For more details, please contact the .